Captains Quest was originally written in 1987 to fill the need for an interactive training system to assist a student in earning the OUPV (operator of uninspected passing vessels) license.

I had been teaching the OUPV course and I realized that preparing for the test could be a daunting task no matter how much you learned in class. I knew it could be made better by creating an interactive question system the not only showed the correct or incorrect answer but also explained WHY it was correct or incorrect.

In it′s earliest version it was called ″Captains Quest Rules of the Road for Windows″ and was used successfully by hundreds of students to pass the OUPV ″Rules″ module.

It is so effective because it is programmed by an instructor who has taught the course for years and has heard and seen every mistake there is. I built in artificial intelligence that forces you to learn that which you do not know. It is said ″you don′t know what you don′t know″............this system KNOW′S WHAT YOU DON′T KNOW!

As computers changed over the years the programming language I wrote it with has become obsolete and additionally it was not Mac compatible.

Now, the new online version can be used on any computer that has internet access.

This new version also incorporates three other aditional modules of the test. Navigation General, Deck and Safety General.

These sections have the same interactive features which enables the user to practice the questions and learn the material at the same time!

Watch the video below to see you how effective this system is.

Best of luck in your pursuit of the Captain′s License,

Capt. David Pierucci